From the Editor and Founder

Chandravali D. Schang

Following my extensive studies in German, English, Indology and Comparative Religious Studies, in 1977, I began to translate Indian religious/spiritual texts from English to German. I was very enthusiastic about introducing some of these great works to German seekers/readers. My numerous pilgrimages and visits to India provided me with the opportunity to meet some of the greatest masters representing a wide range spiritual paths and disciplines. My completion of a four year teacher training in yoga helped to deepen my knowledge and understanding, both philosophically and experientially. Through this I was given a firm foundation from which to develop my passion: bringing thoughtful and professional translation work to many different people, many different paths. Deep in my heart, I consider myself a “hagiographer” (one who studies and writes about the lives of saints) so it is my hope and aspiration that my contributions in this work will bring the voice of the mystical traditions close to home, and accessible to all those who are interested.