Anandamayi Ma – Wie Sie sich mir offenbarte

Second Edition, 128 pages with approx. 80 photos, bound, German.

ISBN 978-3-922 477-90-7


This book was the first book written about Anandamayi Ma, published in 1937. Jyotish Chandra Roy, affectionately called "Bhaiji" (brother), was one of her earliest and most devoted followers, often referred to as her "dharmaputra", her spiritual son. He met Ma in Dhaka in 1924 and at the first sight he felt that She was the Divine Mother he had longed for for years. He realized his search was over. Bhaiji writes of his spontaneous and remarkable experiences with Ma from 1924 until 1932 and expresses eloquently the wonderful and close encounters he was blessed to have with Ma. Contained in this work are direct spiritual guidance given by Ma to him as well as stories of her early life from childhood.

Topics: Revelation of the supernatural through God’s name / Divine ecstasies / Manifestation of yogic powers/ Samadhi states / Ma and Her play / Life in community / On the way to new life / Departure into the unknown / Shri Shri Ma.