Das verborgene Feuer – Die erstaunliche Lebensgeschichte von Shriman Tapasviji Maharaj

Die erstaunliche Lebensgeschichte von Shriman Tapasviji Maharaj, einem Asketen, der 185 Jahre lebte (1770 – 1955).

Second Edition, 400 pages with 23 partly colored photos, German.

ISBN 978-3-9820260-8-4


This book describes a wise man whose glowing asceticism (tapas) is unparalleled today and transports us, as it were, to the time of the old Rishis (Vedic seers). In the course of his long wanderings through India, Tapasviji not only experienced extraordinary events, but also had repeated encounters with deities and spiritual beings, which we usually perceive as a separate, difficult to access or even mythological reality. The heat of asceticism arises from a targeted development of the powers of renunciation. When practiced in the highest spiritual sense, it can lead people to enlightenment, but not everyone who practices tapas is also a saint or even an enlightened person – and conversely, not every enlightened person has to be a pronounced ascetic. Tapasviji’s devotion to Krishna, his three Ayurvedic rejuvenation cures (Kaya Kalpa) and his extraordinary encounters with gods, historical personalities, unusual people and animals tell of the concrete reality of a world to which modern thought often admits only “inner soul, symbolic” reality, so as not to have to face the “visibly impossible” too head-on. They show how much our living space is surrounded and permeated by higher and lower worlds and by inhabitants and beings of the same, who can participate in our everyday life like “vertical neighbors”. Beyond the captivating adventures of the Indian ascetic, this book can be an appeal to Western readers to fundamentally revise their traditional ideas about the boundaries of historicity, legend and mythology!