Gespräche mit der Glückseligen Mutter Shri Anandamayi Ma – Matri Satsang, Volume 1

300 pages with over 60 photos, bound, German.

ISBN 978-3-922 477-82-2


This book contains biographical events and facets of Ma’s life and impressions from people who visited Her. Of considerable value are the recommendations for spiritual practice, or sadhana, given by Ma, both to the people who visited Her as well as Her responses to letters written to Her.

Topics: Shri Anandamayi Ma / The “Unborn” Divine becoming visible / Signs of the divine manifestation / Divine childhood games / The “play” of Sadhana / The all-pervading being of Ma, without a second, eternally one with the divine / “Father, everything is completely open and unconditioned here” or about laughing and crying of an enlightened/“ The forms of illness also love this body ”/“ This body only knows one ashram that extends over the whole universe ”/“ You are the guru! ”- Ma:“ I am only a little girl ”/“ I am always with you, what is necessary for you happens spontaneously through this body ”/ Stones, plants and animals – Ma is connected to all in the Self / The Divine Mother and her children / Bhaijis 12 rules for Ma’s devotees / Devotees and visitors describe their encounter with Ma / Ma’s way of teaching (Atmananda) / Ma’s Mahasamadhi/ Sadhana – The Spiritual Life: General Instructions / The Seeker between World and God / The Limitations of Thought / Dangers on the Spiritual Path / The Goal / Japa and Prayer (The Repetition of the Divine Name) / Meditation – Methods, Obstacles and Goal.