Gespräche mit der Glückseligen Mutter Shri Anandamayi Ma – Matri Satsang, Volume 2

288 pages with over 60 photos, bound, German.

ISBN 978-3-922 477-83-9


In this second printed edition of the conversations, the topics on Sadhana and the spiritual path to realization of the Divine are continued, supplemented by stories, parables and a vision of the ever present goal.

Topics: Sadhana – the spiritual life: Bhakti – loving devotion to God / Mauna – silence / Purity / Samyam – self-discipline / Advice on the behavior of the seeker / Truthfulness / Seva – service and Dharma – fulfillment of duty / Selfless action / Grace and effort / Hatha Yoga / Satsang – association with the Divine / Guru – The guidance of a spiritual master / Diksha – Initiation / Life in the ashram and renunciation / Karma – our fate due to previous actions / Shanti – Peace; Stories and parables: Where does God live, what does He eat, when does He laugh and what does He do? / Maya / The tied cat / We forget the real goal / The effectiveness of Prasadam; Different topics: God directs, sees and pervades everything / The unity of the spiritual paths / The wholeness beyond duality and non-duality.