Leben und Weisheit der Glückseligen Mutter Anandamayi Ma

Edited and translated by Chandravali D. Schang

3rd revised edition, 420 p. with 32 illustrations, German.

ISBN 978-3-39820260-0-8


Anandamayi Ma lived in India from 1896 to 1982 as one of the few sages who had been fully conscious of their eternal Self from birth. She had not "attained" enlightenment, but was always in the natural state of divine oneness. Her very presence, love and wisdom inspired thousands of people to search for the Supreme Reality. Anandamayi Ma did not advocate a particular yoga path, nor did she claim to be a guru. Rather, in a universal way, she advised every person to sincerely follow his religion or his master and strive for living spiritual experience in order to attain highest realization.

She said, “How can one impose limits on the Unlimited by saying, 'This is the only way'?” And, “Why must there be so many different religions and spiritual orientations? Through each of them God gives Himself to Himself so that every one can develop according to his individual nature."