Worte der Glückseligen Mutter Shri Anandamayi Ma

Fourth Edition. 320 pages with 22 photos, bound, German.

ISBN 978-3-922 477-84-6


This book, first published in 1980, is the first comprehensive translation of Anandamayi Ma’s statements into German. Eighty pages are devoted to a detailed biography and over two hundred pages contain advice on the spiritual path and answers to numerous life topics in the light of Divine Truth.

Topics: About Shri Anandamayi Ma: The Path to Perfection / Guru and Initiation / Prema and Moha – About Real Love and Mere Attraction / Devotion / Prayer / Japa – The Repetition of God’s Name / About Pranam – Prostrationto the Divine / Meditation and Levels of Opening Consciousness / About Use and Abuse of Psychic Powers / Mauna – Silence / Realization / Life in the World as Service / Children and Education / Nutrition / Clothing / Sleep / Marriage and the Role of Man and Woman / About Death and the right attitude towards our deceased / parables / Various questions, answers and conversations / Renunciation – Vairagya / grace / God and His game of creation.